Lafayette Community Council

The Lafayette Community Council is comprised of local leaders who wish to provide support and awareness in preparing for the new campus to serve the Lamorinda community.


Chair, Lafayette Community Council

Don is a Cancer Support Community member and Lafayette resident. In 2018, Don was named Lafayette’s Citizen of the Year. His generous spirit and energy has led him to support many of Lamorinda’s great projects including the California Shakespeare Festival and Lafayette Library and Learning Center. Don is an avid Rotarian (Lamorinda Sunrise), where he served as both president and national advisor to the Rotary Foundation.

Current Lafayette Community Council members:

  • Brandt Andersson
  • Judy Carney
  • Katherine Dureault
  • Norma Evans
  • Lori Fowler
  • Anne Grodin
  • Dick Holt
  • Beth McClelland
  • Kathy Merchant
  • Jennifer Rosen
  • Jeff Rosenthal
  • Matt Shriner
  • Carol Singer
  • Frances Sticha
  • John Thuma

The Community Council’s primary role will include to:

  • Publicly endorse Cancer Support Community’s Lafayette campus
  • Collect endorsement signature cards from other community members
  • Share information about Cancer Support Community Lafayette with community members
  • Encourage community members to attend property tours and informational meetings

If they wish, Community Council members may also engage in the following activities:

  • Host community information meetings
  • Attend public hearings and speak on behalf of the project
  • Participate in project planning and update meetings with Cancer Support Community staff and board
  • Identify other community leaders to serve on the Community Council

For more information about the Lafayette Community Council, please contact Libby Eppinga, Director of Philanthropy, at 925.953.1216.